Missy Dours

Missy was one of the first parishioners to step forward as a volunteer/coordinator for the Austin Street Shelter ministry when it was launched over four years ago.  Since then, her passion to serve Dallas’ less fortunate has been unfailing.  Missy makes phone calls to volunteers, to make sure we have enough food each month volunteers sign up to serve dinner.  She can always be found at the church on the second Monday of each month, cooking the hot dogs that have become a staple of our meal.  Missy shares her passion to serve with her family which includes her husband Gene, and two children Morgan and Mitchell. They are often seen by her side serving food.  Her gift of helping deliver the Corporal Works for Mercy to some of the least fortunate is a shining example of love and humility.

Nominated by Derek Blake


Chuck Phillips

Chuck Phillips is nominated for his commitment and dedication to the Bread Ministry. Chuck does the every second Friday run from Tom Thumb, at Preston and Frankford, to the North Dallas Shared Ministries, one of our major donation reception sites.  During the year Chuck keeps me informed of when the NDSM will not be open to accept deliveries (e.g. during the Christmas season and a couple of weeks in the summer).  Armed with this information, I am able to forward it to other bread ministry volunteers so they know to take their donations to other donations sites (e.g. Union Gospel Mission or Our Lady of Perpetual Help).  Chuck is a very dedicated bread runner.  For example, he was recently and suddenly hospitalized, and was so worried about his run, that he had his wife call me to ensure that his partner or I could fill in for him until he fully recovered. 

In addition to his role in the Bible Ministry, Chuck also serves in the Choir Ministry and North Dallas Shared Ministries.

Nominated by Tony Cardillo


Nelly Andresen

Nelly is a strong advocate for all seven themes of Catholic Social Teaching, but especially dedicated to care of God's creation. From coordinating recycling for Autumnfest, to hosting a feast of St. Francis for the parish, and always striving to improve sustainability at our parish and school, she is a tireless volunteer with an unlimited capacity to give.

Nominated by Amy Fraler Delgado


Mary Hardey

Helping Hands Ministry nominates Mary Hardey for the Volunteer Appreciation Award.

Mary, being a compassionate and caring person, started this ministry over 22 years ago, to fill an evident need in the parish. She wanted to comfort grieving families after the death of their loved one by relieving the burden of preparing a reception. Families are so appreciative of this and are amazed at what is offered. Mary has been known to get up in the middle of the night to start preparing the meals for the funeral receptions, even after doing all the shopping for the supplies needed after her long day at work.

Additionally, Mary is very creative with table decorating and food presentations. She ensures that there is a great variety of foods, including hot meals, and prepares specific food as requested by the family.

Attendees from other parishes marvel at what Mary has accomplished in this ministry, saying, “They have never seen anything like this”. None of this would be possible without Mary!

Nominated by Helping Hands Volunteer Members



Elaine Scholly

Elaine has revamped the Senior Outreach Ministry, now known as SAGE! She brings her professional leadership to the group, organizes the volunteers, and reaches out to those in need. Elaine has brought different presentations to St. Monica, organized through her networks. The subject matter has included Alzheimers, which is extremely relevant to this ministry.  

Elaine has an encouraging and supportive manner with her volunteers. She is respectful of the volunteers’ already busy lives. It has been nice to have Elaine step into the 'leader's shoes' and channel our eagerness to serve in the right direction! In addition to her role with SAGE, Elaine also serves in the St. Monica Adult Handbell Ministry.

Nominated by Iona Fernandes


Marguerite Trapp

Marguerite has been a St. Monica parishioner for 30 plus years, our conference president for three years and recently agreed to serve another three year term. She handles the enormous amount of required paperwork with efficiency, accuracy, and in a timely manner.

Marguerite visits with clients on a continuous basis. Her approach provides a sense of confidence in the future, dignity in their time of need and certainty that they are loved by God. She listens to them and helps them obtain SVDP resources, as well as client contact with other community organizations.

Marguerite goes above and beyond in serving. Some examples include:

Finding and delivering a wheelchair on a Sunday afternoon.

Meeting a women at the Pay-as-you-go utility store to pay for heat during an extreme cold spell.

Taking newborn baby supplies to a young mother, including a blanket she had just knitted.

In conclusion, Marguerite does it all. She leads St. Monica’s SVDP Conference, keeping it on track and she handles the little details a financial organization must maintain. She models an attitude of confidence, dignity and love, as Jesus teaches us, with our clients in need. Finally, Marguerite can be counted on to take the extra step that many of our clients need so that they can be safe and find a path toward stability.

Nominated by St. Monica St. Vincent de Paul Society



Cathy Malorzo

Cathy Malorzo is nominated for all she does and has done for Stephen Ministry. She has been a Stephen Minister for over 10 years and is also a group facilitator. Despite her husband’s health, she has maintained her devotion and time to our Ministry.

In addition to her role in Stephen Ministry, Cathy serves as a Eucharistic Minister and volunteers for Helping Hands.

Nominated by Jim Einspanier