Let's Get Real!

Teens will GET REAL in this Theology of the Body crash course covering life and sexuality and topics of today. Dynamic critical thinking activities and workshops will be challenge and deepen teens understanding of the Catholic Church's teachings on topics regarding sex and human dignity. Let's Get Real will delve into the awesome mystery of who man and woman are and discover how knowing and living this call to holiness leads to greater happiness, confidence and freedom.

The course will be gender specific and middle school and high school students will be divided by age. Middle school girls and high school boys and girls will attend the course from  July 17 - 21st from 6:00 to 8:00 pm in St. Monica's Family Center. Middle school boys will attend the course from July 24 - 28th from 6:00 to 8:00 pm in St. Monica's Family Center. The cost of the course is 25 dollars per person.


Kathy Sherman is leading this summer's Let's Get Real theology of the body course for high school girls. Ms. Sherman is currently a high school theology teacher at Ursuline Academy and has been teaching high school for the past decade. With a Masters in Education and Religion Sciences from Rome and a Bachelors degree in Catholic Theology and Minor in Philosophy, she has successfully worked with teens from over 40 countries, teaching abroad as well as volunteer missionary work in Ireland, the Philippines, Mexico and the United States. Based on her human experience, Ms. Sherman is able to dynamically interweave stories from all over the world into her theology courses. Passionate about helping teens understand Catholic teaching and bringing them to encounter Christ, Ms. Sherman is excited to be leading this summer course to young women.


Kathryn Gibbs

With a heart for helping young women recognize their true identity and worth in Christ, Ms. Kathryn Gibbs serves as a Theology teacher and campus minister at Ursuline Academy. Having grown up as a cradle Catholic, Ms. Gibbs found herself asking hard questions about the faith as a teenager and wanting honest answers, which led her to a deeper truth and love than she thought possible! She graduated from the University of Dallas with a Bachelor’s degree in Pastoral Ministry and has experience leading mission trips (both international and domestic), working within parish-level youth ministry, and facilitating large retreats for high school students.

As a young adult and baptized Catholic, her main priority is help make Christ loved and known through His Word and the Church’s teachings.


Ryan Harkins is a native of Jackson, MS and currently lives in Dallas, TX.  After discerning religious life with the Legionaries of Christ as a seminarian, and teaching high school theology for two years, he now serves as executive director of Birth Choice, a crisis pregnancy center in north Dallas.  Ryan recently married his beautiful bride, Chelsea on October 22nd of last year, the feast day of St. John Paul II. He enjoys sports, good music, and teaching the Theology of the Body to young people.

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