Stewardship of Time

Persevere In Prayer - Lord, quiet my soul so that I can spend time with You in prayer. - Romans 12:12

Action Steps for Spiritual Growth:

  • Make Mass your top priority on Sunday
  • Schedule time for daily prayer
  • Pray together with family and loved ones

Stewardship of Talent

Serve One Another - Come, Holy Spirit. Fill me with your gifts so that I can serve others. - John 13:15

Action Steps to Increase Your Involvement:

  • Re-commit yourself to your current parish ministries
  • Choose at least one new ministry to join
  • Train your children to serve in the Church
  • Plan to attend parish-wide events announced in our bulletins

Stewardship of Treasure

Tithe in a Spirit of Joy - O God give me a generous heart. Help me to put You first in my finances. - Sirach 35:8

Action Steps for Financial Generosity:

  • Strive to give 5% to St. Monica Church, 1% to the Diocese, and 4% to other charities
  • Commit to a specific gift each week or month
  • Use your Offertory Envelope or set up automatic payments online by clicking here
  • Support the parish even when you are out of town

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