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School Choir FAQs

1. Why should they join choir?

Choir teaches them valuable music and life skills. It encourages teamwork, listening, and discipline. It helps the brain to work faster with reading skills and reinforcing simple math. St. Augustine said, “He who sings prays twice.” Music can help students form a closer relationship with God through the Mass. They also form bonds with other choir members that can last for years to come.

2. How do you join choir?

For the first year ever, we’re requiring all of our students to register for choir. You can go to the school or church website and look for the choir page! On the first day, we will ask the students to fill out a card with their name and teacher. Even if you haven’t registered, you can still come and register later.

  1. How much is it to join choir?

The cost to be in choir is $40 for the whole year (up a little bit from last year.) This helps to cover the cost of food and other things, like transportation. The cost doesn’t nearly cover the total per student, so any extra bit helps. In addition, the after school choirs go to a festival every year, and that cost isn’t included.

  1. When does the choir meet?

We have four choirs.

  • 2nd-4th grade
    • Tuesday morning (Bearcat), 7am in the Lower Lounge.
    • Thursday afternoon (Parish) until 5pm, pickup in front of the Family Center
  • 5th-8th grade
    • Wednesday afternoon (Select) until 5pm, pickup in front of the Family Center
    • Friday morning (Pride), 7am in the Lower Lounge.
  1. Do they have to come every week?

It is encouraged that they come every week, but life happens! Please inform Mr. E if your student will be missing the after school choirs ONLY. No matter how long the hiatus, your student is ALWAYS welcome in choir.

  1. Do they have to come to every event?

Again, the students are encouraged to attend every event. The more activities they participate in, the more the students will have ownership of the choir.

  1. How much time outside of school will they need to dedicate to choir?

Beyond normal choir rehearsals, the only extra time comes from optional events, such as TPSMEA honor choir and solo and ensemble. The students will have CDs for the festival in May and will be expected to sing that music at a higher level. If they need extra practice, encourage your student to practice.

  1. Can my student’s younger sibling join?

First graders may participate in the Bearcat and Parish choirs as long as three requirements are met:

  1. Their sibling must be in that choir.
  2. They are able to keep up with the older students.
  3. The amount of first graders does not become a distraction or issue with the other first graders.


For more information please contact Director of Youth and Youth Music, Emmanuel Espiritu .