Make it known that you want a video (at least 2 weeks before target Mass date)

This is the simplest step, but the easiest to overlook. First, you need to email Father Guadagnoli and get approval for the content and the date that you wish to show the video. Then, you should get in touch with Emmanuel Espiritu (214-366-7103) to discuss the technical side of making the video.

Write a script and visualize what you want it to look like.

Write out what you want to say during the video. Think about your target audience and the goal of the video (e.g., I want to reach out to people who want to be Catholic and I want them to contact me after Mass.)

Schedule a recording date and film

When you’re done with the script, you should email it to Emmanuel, who will give you feedback and possible corrections. After you reach a final script, determine who will be in the video and schedule a time and place with all parties.

Compile all materials needed for the video

Videos shown in the church are most effective when there is speech on top of videos and/or images. Compile pictures and video for approximately 1 picture for every 5 seconds. More is better than not enough. Scan and email all of your pictures to Emmanuel. If you cannot scan and email them, deliver them to the Parish Office.

Wait for a rough copy

Emmanuel will make a first draft and send it to you. It will be via email or a private YouTube link.

Email edits

Watch the video, suggest final cuts (or make them if you have the ability) and send the video back to Emmanuel. This step must happen 4 days prior to the showing of the video.

Wait for a final copy

Emmanuel will send you the final draft, render it onto a playable format in the church, and test it with Father Bierschenk.