Boy Scouts Troop 412

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For additional information contact Leslie Cooke at 214-564-7895 or .


Cub Scout Pack 712

Cub Scouts is a program for boys in 1st through 5th grade. It integrates school and church to teach boys respect for God, family, community, country and self. For details, please contact David Boon at 214-734-6130 or  .


Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts consists of girls in kindergarten through 8th grade. Girl Scouting at St. Monica helps to reinforce Christian values while also providing interesting activities which foster social, emotional, physical, and intellectual growth. For details, please contact Monica Lopez at 972-349-2453 or at .

Junior Catholic Daughters of the Americas

Junior Catholic Daughters of the Americas (JCDA) is the official youth program of the Catholic Daughters of the Americas (CDA) for young Catholic girls to promote personal and spiritual development as well as service to others. If you are interested in joining please contact JCDA Group Coordinator Regina Rivera at 214-499-4830 or by email at 

JCDA Grade Level Coordinators

  • 1st Grade: Natasha Sanchez at , Chelsey Berend at , and Courtney Younts at  
  • 2nd Grade: Adrienne Lam at  and Julia McDonald at
  • 3rd Grade: Jacqueline Strempek at , Paula von Arx at  , and Amanda Jacot at
  • 4th Grade: Renee Castro at and Lisa Togneri at
  • 5th Grade: Carrie Ro at  and Adrienne Lam at
  • 6th Grade: Regina Rivera at  , and Teresa Albertine at
  • 7th Grade: Angela Nordyke at
  • 8th Grade: Kathryn Dao at   and Michelle Clark at