Isabel Campbell, “Outstanding Volunteer”

Isabel Campbell is an example of a servant leader who is not afraid to work in the trenches to accomplish any task glorifying God.  Isabel and her family have been St. Monica parishioners for 16 years, since 2003. She has served on the ACTS Core Team for three years, the latter two as Co-Facilitator.  She has been responsible for coordinating the inventory of supplies for the men’s and women’s annual retreats.  She also has been responsible for the coordinator of external activities for the retreats along with ACTS participation in the RCIA dinners, Sunday donut service and development of retreat procedures.  In addition to ACTS, Isabel is financial secretary of Catholic Daughters of America Court-St. Faustina, lector at Sunday liturgies and Holy Days and serves with the Bread Ministry.  She also serves as Membership Chair with the Dallas County Aggie Moms’ Club. No one is more deserving of this recognition than Isabel.

Nominated by John Roppolo


Noe Vielma, “Voluntario Excepcional”

Por parte del grupo de Apoyo Familiar se nomina Noe como el voluntario del año. Está nominado por su ayuda y servicio en el ministerio y también por estos tres años encargado de la coordinación, ayudando a coordinar y a guiar a muchas familias a llevar un proceso de conversión, catequesis y servicio dentro de la comunidad de Santa Mónica. Por esta razón nominamos a Noe como voluntario del año del ministerio.

Nominado por Willy León y Ministerio de Apoyo Familiar


Noe Vielma, “Outstanding Volunteer”

Noe is nominated as 2019 volunteer for Apoyo Familiar. He and his wife Maria Dolores have been parishioners of St. Monica for 13 years, since 2006. Noe is nominated for his help and service to the ministry, in addition to the three years in coordinating and assisting so many families in their conversion to our faith, catechesis and service in our St. Monica community. For these reasons we nominate Noe for Apoyo Familiar.

Nominated by Willy León & Ministerio de Apoyo Familiar


Alma Rosa Izaguirre, “Voluntaria Excepcional”

Alma Rosa ha sido nominada por su fiel dedicación y compromiso a nuestro Grupo de Luto y Duelo en Español. Al principio, Alma inicio en el ministerio como participante. Entonces acepto tomar el rol de co-facilitadora. Ella es muy compasiva, de profunda espiritualidad y fe para guiar a los participantes semanalmente en las discusiones de grupo. Alma Rosa es una persona responsable amorosa y comprometida. Le gusta informarse para poder ayudar mejor a otros. Su amor por Dios es grande y eso la hace ser delicada con nuestros participantes. Ella es prudente y sabe tolerar el dolor con mucho respeto y caridad. Alma también pertenece en el Ministerio de Coro en español y es miembro de Sta. Mónica desde 2013.

Nominada por Maria Juarez-Plank y Marta Carias


Alma Rosa Izaguirre, “Outstanding Volunteer”

Alma Rosa is nominated for her faithful commitment and dedication to our Spanish Grief Support Group. Alma Rosa first became involved as a participant. She then agreed to take the role of co-facilitator, and substitute facilitator as needed. She possesses genuine compassion and deep spirituality and faith in helping to guide participants through the weekly discussions. Alma Rosa is a responsible person of love and duty to serve. She likes to stay informed of all resource to better help others. She has a deep love of God that helps with her delicate and sensitive manner in helping our participants. She is prudent and knows how to respectfully guide our grief participants with patience and charity. In addition to her role with the Spanish Grief Support Group, Alma Rosa serves in the Spanish Choir Ministry, and has been a parishioner of St. Monica since 2013.

Nominated by Maria Juarez-Plank

CERS (ESTUDIO DE BIBLIA) / (Bible Study Group)

Carmen Banda “Voluntaria Excepcional”

Este año el ministerio CERS nomina a la hermanita Carmen Banda por siempre estar dispuesta a asistir en las necesidades del ministerio y por estar atenta siempre a las necesidades del prójimo. Es una hermanita llena de oración y una gran servidora para la gloria de Dios. La hermanita Carmen Banda tiene desde el año 2000 asistiéndo a la Iglesia de Santa Mónica también es asistente de catequista en Santa Mónica y 3 años como miembro de la comunidad CERS.

Nominada por Raúl Palos


Carmen Banda “Outstanding Volunteer”

This year CERS Hispanic Bible Study nominates Carmen Banda as 2019 volunteer. She has been a parishioner of St. Monica for 6 years, since 2013 and has served as a CERS member for 3 years. Carmen is always available to assist with all needs for the ministry as well as those of the community. She is a person of deep faith and prayer and a great servant for the glory of God. Carmen has been serving St. Monica since 2000, including assisting as a catechist aide.

Nominated by Raul Palos


Liandra Garcia, “Voluntaria Excepcional”

Divina Misericordia nomina a la señora Liandra García. Es una persona muy servicial, activa y amable. Está a la orden cada vez que se requiere de su servicio en nuestro Ministerio Divina Misericordia. Es una mujer de oración y de buen testimonio.

Nominado por Baltazar Villanueva


Liandra Garcia, “Outstanding Volunteer”

The Spanish Divine Mercy nominates Liandra Garcia as the 2019 Volunteer Nominee. Liandra has been a parishioner of St. Monica for 5 years, since 2014. She is always on the go, serving and being kind to everyone. She assists and serves Divine Ministry when needed. Liandra is a person of deep faith, prayer and Christian testimony.

Nominated by Baltazar Villanueva


Karen Jones, “Outstanding Volunteer”

Karen Jones is the nominee for Eucharistic Adoration. Karen joined the hourly coordinator team last year and immediately stepped up to the plate by volunteering to automate the adorer lists. Adoration was initiated twenty two years ago and at that time adorers had mainly only home telephone numbers. Now that most people communicate basically by e-mail or text it was necessary to bring this all up to date. It was a humongous task but because of Karen’s expertise and tenacity, it was accomplished. This was an important but daunting task and we are grateful that in spite of her school studies and Bible Study commitments she was willing to add this to the list of her volunteer efforts for our parish.

Karen has been a parishioner of St. Monica for 9 years, since 2010. She is also group leader for Tuesday Scripture Study.

Nominated by Margie Giangiulio


Andrés Olivares “Voluntario Excepcional”

Las razones motivos o cualidades por lo que el grupo de San José escogió a Andrés cómo voluntario fue por su servicio, disponibilidad, perseverancia, responsabilidad, entrega a la Santa Madre, Iglesia y a su doctrina.

Nominado por Crispín Santos


Andres Olivares “Outstanding Volunteer”

Andres has been nominated as volunteer of the year for Grupo de Hombres (Spanish Men’s Ministry). The reasons and qualities for which he is nominated are his availability, perseverance, responsibility, self giving to our Holy Catholic Church and doctrine.

Nominated by Crispin Santos


LEGIÓN DE MARĺA (Spanish Legion of Mary)

Maria Guadalupe Espino “Voluntaria Excepcional”

Hemos nominado a la hermana Maria Espino porque a pesar de que cuida a su mama va a los hogares a evangelizar y a veces se le ha complicado porque se le pone enferma y la tiene que llevar al hospital. Maria se esfuerza mucho. Maria también participa en otras actividades de la Legión de María. Gracias a Dios tenemos una hermana que aunque es grande de edad, trabaja para el reino de Dios. La queremos mucho.

Nominada por Lázaro Barrueta


Maria Guadalupe Espino “Outstanding Volunteer”

Maria has been a parishioner of St. Monica for 22 years, since 1997. Maria is nominated by the Spanish Legion of Mary, because in spite of having to taking care of her mother, she finds the time to make home visits to evangelize. She exerts herself with commitment to serve in spite of her personal commitments. Maria also participates in other activities that are part of Legion of Mary. We give thanks to God for Maria, who, despite her age, continues to work for God’s kingdom. We love and appreciate her very much.

Nominated by Lázaro Barrueta


Lynette Schnitzius, “Outstanding Volunteer”

Our nominee for Little Rock Scripture Study this year is Lynette Schnitzius. Lynette has been a parishioner of St. Monica for 9 years, since 2010. She prepares wonderful lectures for us, and helps in many other ways, including serving as a small group leader. I can’t say enough wonderful things about her. Lynette has been involved with the ministry for 7 years. She is the only speaker we've had who actually volunteered to speak to our group. All others have been recruited! She's wonderful. Lynette also serves in Stephen Ministry and as a Welcome Ministry Greeter.

Nominated by Dan & Sally Cook


Helen Johnson, “Outstanding Volunteer”

As leader of the Monday Bible Study Group, I nominate Helen Johnson as this year’s volunteer nominee for this ministry. Helen has been a parishioner of St. Monica for 49 years, since 1970. Helen is a ROCK, consistent, firm, ever the same, and always faithful. She is AN ORIGINAL MEMBER of the St. Monica Parish. For many years she served our school as cook in the school cafeteria. After that, she served our priests as cook in the rectory. She is THE LAST SURVIVING ORIGINAL MEMBER of the Monday Bible Study Group. At over 90 years of age, she is almost always the first to arrive for class. When I arrive, she is there reviewing the day’s lessons. Because of her ability and experience, she is the one who organizes any “social” event we have. Be it a Christmas event, or an “end of school year” event, they are always meticulously planned and executed. She is our nominee for this year’s award.

Is Helen a volunteer? I would rather say she is a Christ-like Christian, always ready to put others before herself. Would that we all were like her.

Nominated by Roger Fischer


Mila Uranza, “Outstanding Volunteer”

On behalf of the PAIN group we nominate for recognition Milagros “Mila” Uranza. She has been a parishioner for 17 years, since 2002.

Mila is an amazing and faithful prayer warrior and friend! She spends her life caring for and praying for so many others, in her family, and in her circle of friends. She travels nationally and internationally to visit and help care for and pray with sick family members and bring them hope and comfort. Her attitude and kindness always reflect God's love and she shares it with all. Mila is also part of the Monday Bible Study group, and is a substitute for Eucharistic Adoration. She used to be a committed Adorer until other commitments came about putting faith in action helping her family and friends. She is a humble unassuming lady who has a generous heart of service.

Nominated by Diane Voirin

PASTORAL FAMILIAR HISPANA (Family Pastoral Ministry)

Reyes Arriaga y Cinthia Aguilar, “Voluntarios Excepcionales”

La razón por la que esta hermosa pareja fue elegida es porque han permanecido en el amor de Dios desde hace 5 años. Su perseverancia, su ejemplo de vida como matrimonio dentro y fuera del ministerio es sin duda un ejemplo para más parejas. Su esfuerzo por aprender y dar lo mejor de ellos en el ministerio hace a los líderes a seguir trabajando en la obra del Señor. Su facilidad de trabajar con otros compañeros y su ayuda para llevar al ministerio lo hace ser más fácil. Gracias a su esfuerzo es que se puede seguir evangelizando a más matrimonios, familias y parejas. Son sin duda una bendición para la Pastoral Familiar Hispana.

Nominados por Romel y Rosy Martínez


Reyes Arriaga & Cinthia Aguilar, “Outstanding Volunteers”

Reyes and Cinthia have been parishioners of St. Monica for 3 years, since 2016. The ministry nominates this couple because for the last 5 years, they continue to walk in God’s path. Their perseverance, their example in life as a married couple within and outside of the ministry is without a doubt, an example for other marriages. Their ease in working with other volunteers and their help with the ministry makes it easier to sustain our ministry. Thanks to their faithful support, we continue to evangelize more marriages, families and couples. Without a doubt, Reyes and Cinthia are a blessing for Pastoral Familiar Hispana.

Nominated by Romel and Rosy Martínez