Karen Upton, “Outstanding Volunteer”

Karen Upton has participated in the St. Monica Choir for about 30 years. She has been a member of the St. Monica Parish for 45 years, since 1972. Karen is a faithful member of the soprano section. She always attends rehearsals and often sings at both 9:30 and 11:00 Masses on Sundays. Karen is always available to help with concerts and faithfully helps with food for potlucks and receptions. Her husband Butch also sings in the choir for most concerts and helps with logistics for concerts.

Nominated by Jeremy Wirths


María del Pilar Juárez, “Voluntaria Excepcional”

María del Pilar Juárez es nominada por su entrega, amor y perseverancia en el ministerio de Música.  A pesar de las adversidades de la vida ella ha sido fiel y comprometida al servicio.  Ha mostrado que el servicio es a Dios.   

Nominada por Alejandro Suarez

María del Pilar Juárez, “Outstanding Volunteer”

María del Pilar Juárez is nominated for her devotion and love for the Music Ministry. Her commitment to the ministry gave her the strength to overcome adversities and challenges in her life. Maria has shown that her service is to and for God.

Nominated by Alejandro Suarez

CORO DE NIÑOS (Spanish Children’s Choir)

Monserrath Otero, “Voluntaria Excepcional”

Monserrath es nominada por su buen comportamiento y la alegría que contagia a todos sus compañeros. También por su dedicación, humildad, su gran corazón y su gran deseo de hacer bien las cosas. Para gloria de Dios, es una gran inspiración y ejemplo para todos los demás. Siempre siendo muy cooperativa y voluntariosa. Es un honor para mí tenerla en el ministerio que yo lidereo.

Nominada por Alejandro Suarez

Monserrath Otero, “Outstanding Volunteer”

Monserrath is nominated for her exemplary behavior and her contagious joy with her ministry members. She is dedicated and humble with a great desire to always do things well. Monserrath is a great inspiration and example to others. She always cooperates and is willing to volunteer. It is an honor to have Monserrath in the Children’s Choir.

Nominated by Alejandro Suarez


Chetlee Reyes-Thixton, “Outstanding Volunteer”

Chetlee Reyes-Thixton has been a member of the St. Monica Adult Handbell Choir since 2009. She joined St. Monica with her husband Jim in 2007. She attends rehearsal faithfully and works hard to improve as a handbell ringer. Chetlee has played several positions in the handbell choir, recently moving to the highest position. She always has a wonderful attitude and provides an encouraging word for other handbell ringers. We are happy to have Chetlee represent the St. Monica Adult Handbell Choir as the 2017 Volunteer Nominee.

Nominated by Jeremy Wirths


Patrick Jennings, “Outstanding Volunteer”

Patrick always arrives early to practice to help setup everything. He is incredibly gifted musically, and he is not afraid to share that gift with others. The best thing about Patrick is that he leads by quiet example. He will show others how to do things correctly, but he mainly leads by showing others how to be in rehearsal. Our youth handbells would not be the same without him.

Nominated by Emmanuel Espiritu


Nicholas Lara, “Outstanding Volunteer”

Nicholas has been in this group since the day that I started here at St. Monica. Over the years, I have seen him grow up - not only in physical size, but musically and spiritually. He is mature beyond his years and has never said no to anything I've asked of him. Nicholas is one of the most dedicated people in our group, and I am so proud of him every week. I hope that when my son is his age that he has the same spirit and kindness that Nicholas does.

Nominated by Emmanuel Espiritu


Alice Maguire, “Outstanding Volunteer”

Alice has been in the youth band for the last 5 years and is one of the longest tenured members I have ever had. She has served as a cantor more than any other teen in my history here at St. Monica. In addition to being one of the nicest and sweetest people I know, she is more musically talented than I could ever put on paper. She leads both our group and the congregation with a confidence that you don't find in very many teenagers. She has been one of the cornerstones of our group for a long time, and to say she is irreplaceable is putting it lightly.

Nominated by Emmanuel Espiritu


Gilbert Lopez, “Outstanding Volunteer”

Gilbert has been playing drums for our youth band for the last 3 years. I first met Gilbert at a random Hispanic youth retreat. He was one of the teens who was recruited to help me lead the music. It turns out that doing that retreat was one of the best decisions I ever made. Gilbert has grown as a musician. He is kind and generous with his time, and the Youth Choir won't be the same without him next year.

Nominated by Emmanuel Espiritu


Mary Ann Marrinan, “Outstanding Volunteer”

Mary Ann Marrinan has participated in the St. Monica Fine Arts Committee since 2008. She assists with planning and coordinating Fine Arts events and receptions. Mary Ann and her husband Deacon Bob have been members of St. Monica since 1986. She has sung in the St. Monica Choir during nearly all of that time. Mary Ann has also served as a cantor and volunteered in numerous other capacities in the St. Monica Community. We are happy to submit Mary Ann’s name as Volunteer Nominee for the Fine Arts Committee.

Nominated by Jeremy Wirths


Blanca Lilia Rocha, “Voluntaria Excepcional”

Blanca Lilia Rocha ha sido parte de la comunidad de Santa Mónica desde que iniciaron los servicios a la comunidad hispana.  Ella abrió las puertas de su hogar para que se impartieran clases de Catecismos, apoyo como Catequista por varios años, formo parte del coro parroquial, apoyo en ventas de comida, etc. Hoy día sirve como coordinadora del equipo Pre-Bautismal, Ministro Extraordinario de la Comunión y miembro del ministerio Imagen de Dios.  Aparte de su participación en los mencionados ministerios, tiene una gran disposición en servir en todas las actividades que se llevan a cabo durante el año en la Comunidad.  Es ejemplo de servicio, dedicación, perseverancia y amor para construir el Reino de Dios en Santa Mónica. 

Nominada por María González Rocha

Blanca Lilia Rocha, “Outstanding Volunteer”

Blanca Lilia Rocha has been a part of the St. Monica community since the initiation of Hispanic Ministries. She has been a parishioner for over 20 years. Blanca Lilia opened the doors to her home to start of Spanish Catechesis classes. She served as a catechist for several years, was part of the Spanish Choir, and always offered to help in parish events, prepared and coordinated food sales, etc. Today, Blanca Lilia serves as Coordinator for Baptismal Preparation, Spanish Eucharistic Ministry and is a member of In God’s Image Ministry. In addition to her participation in these ministries, she has a great devotion and commitment to serve in all Hispanic events and activities throughout the year and in the community. Blanca Lilia is an example of service, dedication, perseverance and love to continue building God’s kingdom in St. Monica.

Nominated by María González Rocha