George Wunderlick, “Outstanding Volunteer”

George is a dedicated catechist who goes above and beyond in his service to the children and families of St. Monica. He is a catechist in our sacramental class for children with special needs and also serves as a substitute catechist for grades 1-7. He has often jumped in last minute, teaching a lesson with only a couple hours to prepare. Any time we have needed extra help, George has been among the first to volunteer (and always with a smile!). He enthusiastically shares the faith in the classroom as well as with the other catechists. He embodies Christian joy and service in all he does. He is a true blessing to our parish family and in particular to the children he teaches! George and his family have been parishioners of St. Monica for 34 years, since 1985.

Nominated by Maria Jones


Evanjelina Jimenez, “Outstanding Volunteer”

"What can I do to help?" is her constant refrain. Evanjelina is a dedicated catechist, a friend to all, and a model of Christian discipleship. Evanjelina has volunteered in various roles within faith formation over the past few years. This year she taught (or should I say adopted!) a class of 8th grade students and prepared them to receive the sacrament of Confirmation. We never had to worry about her class- she was here every week without fail, she made sure her students were up to speed in class, and went out of her way to help them by creating worksheets, learning aids, and coordinating service projects for them. As well as caring for her 8th grade students, Evanjelina was always looking after the other catechists and staff members, as a true friend. From bringing a meal of “posole” to share at formation meetings to sharing best practices with new catechists, she helped create a true Christian community among our Confirmation team. Her service and her presence has been a true blessing to St. Monica! Evanjelina and her family have been parishioners of St. Monica for 12 years, since 2007.

Nominated by Maria Jones


Raul & Martha Palos “Voluntarios Excepcionales”

Raul y Martha Palos, es una pareja que se han distinguido por su sencillez, entrega y servicio a la evangelización de familias y proclamación de la Palabra a través del Ministerio de CERS. Desde inicio de año, han sido fieles y constantes al servicio en la Catequesis Familiar. Son muy atentos ante las necesidades de los demás y humildes en su servicio. Actualmente también son coordinadores del grupo de estudio de Biblia CERS. Sin duda alguna ellos merecen ser reconocidos por su servicio en la Catequesis Familiar.

Nominados por Maria Rocha


Raul & Martha Palos “Outstanding Volunteers”

Raul and Martha are a couple that distinguish themselves with their simplicity and giving of themselves in service to evangelize families and in their proclamation in the Word of God through their service in CERS. They have been faithful and constant in service in Family Catechesis. They are attentive to the needs of others with great humility in their service. In addition, Paul and Martha serve as coordinators for the bible study group CERS. Without a doubt, Raul and Martha deserve this recognition for their service in Spanish Parent Catechesis.

Nominated by Maria Rocha


Marcos & Miriam Lugo “Voluntarios Excepcionales”

Marcos y Miriam son nominados por su fiel dedicación y compromiso en el Ministerio de Matrimonio desde el 2014. Son una hermosa pareja con dos hijos. Ayudan en el programa de Preparación Matrimonial y también participan en Pastoral Familiar Hispana. Marcos y Miriam son miembros de Sta. Mónica por más de diez años. Ellos son una pareja maravillosa y siempre están disponibles para ayudar. Somos bendecidos en tenerlos como parte del Ministerio de Matrimonio.

Nominados por Martha Gonzalez

Marcos & Miriam Lugo “Outstanding Volunteers”

Marcos and Miriam have been nominated for their faithful participation in our Marriage Ministry since 2014. They are a lovely couple with two children. They help with the Spanish sponsor program and are also participants of St. Monica Pastoral Familiar Ministry. They have been active members of the parish for over 10 years. They are always willing to help and wonderful people to work with.  We are blessed to have them as part of our Spanish marriage formation program.

Nominated by Martha Gonzalez


Paul & Patty Tomaso “Outstanding Volunteers”

Patty and Paul Tomaso have been nominated as the RCIA Core Team volunteers of the year. They are distinguished for their kindness and openness to serve. Their love, faithfulness and service for God’s Kingdom are not limited to RCIA. They also participate in other ministries such as the Marriage Ministry, Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, Communion to the Sick and Homebound and Prison Ministry. Paul and Patty have been parishioners of St. Monica for 31 years, since 1988.

Nominated by Maria Rocha Gonzalez


Beatriz González “Voluntaria Excepcional”

Beatriz González se nomina como voluntaria de RICA, porque es una persona que enseña su fe a través de sus acciones. Es bondadosa, responsable y ha cumplido con la tarea encomendada en su ministerio. Ella es capaz de llevar y de mostrar la cara del servicio a donde quiera que vaya. Además, es muy servicial, hermosa persona, muy buena amiga, siempre te ayuda sin importar la hora y el lugar, siempre está al pendiente de lo que hace falta. Está llena de amor de Dios y lo trámite. Es muy buena expositora de temas y es buena enseñando.

Nominada por Patricia Vazquez


Beatriz Gonzalez “Outstanding Volunteer”

Beatriz is recognized as the 2019 RICA Volunteer, for being a person of faith in her actions and kindness. She is also a responsible person. She completes her assignments and is committed to the ministry. She is an example and the face of service wherever she goes. She is a beautiful person and good friend. Beatriz is always ready to help without regard of the time and place she is needed. She is always on top of what needs to be done. Beatriz is filled with God’s love and exudes this to all. She is good as a presenter and a good teacher. Beatriz has been a parishioner of St. Monica for 10 years, since 2009.

Nominated by Patricia Vazquez


Mayra Braga

This was Mayra's first year as a Catechist at St. Monica and her first year assisting with Sacramental Preparation. She is a humble, creative, and magnanimous member of our sacramental preparation team. Although she has years of experience serving in other parishes and other ministries, Mayra was eager to learn from others on our team. She was grateful for advice, asking for suggestions constantly, and putting them into practice with her own personal adaptations. Her students can attest to the success of this model! Mayra gave her all to each of her students as a Catechist. She not only knew their names, she took the time to get to know where they were coming from, and personalized her lessons to reach their hearts. As our First Holy Communion Retreat drew near this year Mayra not only assisted with planning and finding resources, she also spent many hours behind the scenes assisting with details small and large. She was a hidden force behind a successful retreat! Her service is truly an overflowing of the love for Christ that fills her own heart. We are incredibly blessed to have her serving our children at St. Monica! Mayra and her family have been parishioners of St. Monica since 2009.

Nominated by Maria Jones