Jeff Jordan “Outstanding Volunteer”

Jeff Jordan has been a member of St. Monica for over 20 years. For the last five years, Jeff has helped coordinate and provide meals to the homeless that reside at Austin Street Shelter – one of St. Monica’s outreach ministries. Jeff helps coordinate getting volunteers to buy and prepare meals – and then passionately leads the St. Monica volunteers at the Shelter to ensure the homeless residents are fed the St. Monica-provided-meal.

Jeff is always serving and leading with a smile. His passion for serving the homeless is a shining example of his love and humbleness. Through Jeff’s leadership, St. Monica is able to deliver against our commitment as a parish to deliver the Corporal Works of Mercy. In addition to volunteering to help lead the Austin Street Shelter ministry, Jeff is also on the St Monica School Board where he enjoys being a part of the team focused on supporting and developing the youth of our parish.

Over the past 20 years, Jeff’s passion for service at St. Monica has come through during his time serving as an usher, participating with the Dad’s Club (President, Vice-President, Gala Sponsorship Chair, spaghetti dinners, Autumnfest) and more.

For his contribution to the Austin Street ministry – and to St. Monica – Jeff Jordan is our volunteer nominee for 2018.

Nominated by Derek Blake


Bernie Clements, “Outstanding Volunteer”

Bernie Clements has been picking up bread and desserts and taking them to local charities approximately the past eight years.  He is currently assigned to three different routes, more than any other Bread Ministry Volunteer. By his service, Bernie, a St. Monica parishioner, shows that St. Monica’s parish branches out and helps care for the needy in various parts of Dallas.  His exemplary service typifies the Catholic value of serving others, a commitment that all 60 or so Bread ministers exemplify.  

Nominated by Tony Cardillo


Leanne Galyean “Outstanding Volunteer”

Leanne is a real blessing to Helping Hands, living out her faith and contributing to the success of this St. Monica ministry. She is always energetic, helpful, and full of ideas to make our funeral luncheons more family and parish friendly. She inspires everyone to make our food attractive and accessible. Her artistic and culinary talents are an inspiration to all the team members of our ministry. Her "sunflower" fruit bowls have become a parish tradition right up there with Mary Hardy's Salad. She has been key to Helping Hands' success in reaching out to feed and comfort the families we serve.

Nominated by Helping Hands Ministry


Claudia Morrison, Outstanding Volunteer”

Claudia wears many hats at NDSM. She is an interviewer, translator, supervises the pantry and is instrumental in setting up our uniform program. Claudia is empathetic with our clients and will work hard to make sure they get what they need.

Nominated by Caroline Gallaway


Dolores Longoria, “Outstanding Volunteer”

Delores has been committed to the Prayer Shawl ministry from the beginning. Her patience, great ideas, dedication, support, eagerness to share and teach all have been a blessing to the ministry.

Nominated by the Prayer Shawl Ministry


Alfredo Silva “Outstanding Volunteer”

Alfredo has been a faithful and effective Diocesan Jail Ministry member for several years. He demonstrates kindness in word and action and sincerely feels the need to serve this population. I have served with him several times and have seen how well he leads the Eucharistic liturgies we do on Sat. a.m. His presence with the prisoners brings peace and hope and he is a positive influence to the Diocesan team and St. Monica Parish. He also serves here at the church in various capacities.

Nominated by Alex Schilpp


Kathleen Caylor, “Outstanding Volunteer”

Kathleen has been a Vincentian for a long time and a member of St Vincent de Paul Society Conference here at St Monica, for many years. She is a dedicated worker, has assumed the responsibilities of several positions including those of the presidency.

She is a dedicated volunteer; her subtle ways as a leader are a great attribute. She is a superb team worker, very generous with her time and talents. Her kindness and compassion with those we serve make her a very special volunteer.

Nominated by St. Monica St. Vincent de Paul Society


Lois Leonard, “Outstanding Volunteer”

Lois has been a Stephen Minister for over 10 years and has been very faithful in coming to Supervision and caring for her elderly care receiver over the past 7 years. Despite her own medical issues from time to time and difficulty in scheduling times to see her, Lois brought Christ like care for her over the years. Her care receiver passed away last week but Lois was able to see her a few days prior to her passing.

Nominated by Jim Einspanier