Luis Currea “Outstanding Volunteer”

When the Austin Street Centre at St. Monica was first started in 2011, we set a goal to ensure all parishioners and ministries felt welcome in helping serve the homeless.  The Hispanic ministry was one of the first volunteer groups to sign up and assist in making and serving meals and drinks to the homeless.  One of the driving forces in helping coordinate the Hispanic ministry volunteer efforts has been Luis Currea. 

Luis has been a member of St Monica’s for six years.  He has a heart of service for others.  In addition to serving the homeless, Luis is active in our community where he volunteers to repair houses for in-need residents.  He also has organized for a group of volunteers to travel to Mexico to bring donated items to in-need organizations. Luis also serves in Apoyo Familiar.

Luis has been a wonderful light of enthusiasm which has helped increase volunteerism and awareness of the Austin Street Ministry.

Thank you, Luis!

Nominated by Derek Blake


Jamie Rae Walker, “Outstanding Volunteer”

Jamie Walker is one of our newer and youngest volunteers.  She has been picking up bread and desserts from the new Central Market at Midway and Northwest Highway since October 2018.  Jamie is supposed to have a partner to alternate with, but I have not been able to find one, so Jamie unselfishly picks up a large donation (four grocery carts of bread and desserts) every Sunday morning and delivers them to the Union Gospel Mission, at 3211 Irving Blvd.  This facility serves three meals a day to the homeless of Dallas County. She also offers to fill in on other Bread Ministry runs on an emergency basis as needed.  By her service, Jamie, a lifelong St. Monica parishioner and St. Monica School graduate, shows that St. Monica’s Parish branches out and helps care for the needy throughout the city of Dallas.  Her exemplary service typifies the Catholic value of serving others, a commitment that all 70 or so Bread ministers exemplify. Jamie also volunteers for Helping Hands and for our past St. Monica Ministry Fairs.

Nominated by Tony Cardillo


Audrey Monlezun “Outstanding Volunteer”

All of us who have worked in Helping Hands Ministry these past few years, describe our efforts as a “labor of love”…and no one digs in and does it better than Audrey. Petite in stature, but a dynamo in the St. Monica kitchen, this South Louisiana native of Baton Rouge cooks like a chef, washes dishes and brings 20 to 30 tablecloths home to launder after each funeral luncheon. Our little band of workers in this ministry is truly like a family and Audrey is at the heart of it. As if this wasn’t enough, she is a Lector, a Welcome Greeter and devoted to her hour of Adoration. So much to be proud of….and we certainly are! Audrey has been a parishioner of St. Monica for 19 years, since 2000.

Nominated by Helping Hands Ministry


Caroline Gallaway “Outstanding Volunteer”

Carolyn Gallaway has been a parishioner of St. Monica for 55 years, since 1946. She is a wonderful lady who has worked diligently in our St. Monica Community for many, many years. Carolyn has served in several different capacities at North Dallas Shared Ministries. As of late, she served as the supervisor over Clothes Closet area for many years. Always filing in for volunteers who could not make their shifts. At times, she would be there from Monday thru Friday for different reasons. And always with a nice smile for our clients. In addition to her work with North Dallas Shared Ministry, Caroline has signed up for hosting Coffee & Donuts and hosting RCIA dinners. Through these efforts, she continues to spread awareness of how North Dallas Shared Ministry offers assistance to the community and how to volunteer. For these and many other reasons, I am glad to nominate Carolyn Gallaway.

Nominated by Dahlia Daniels


Margaret Ann O’Hearn, “Outstanding Volunteer”

The Prayer Shawl Ministry nominates Ann O’Hearn for 2019 volunteer. Ann has been a parishioner of St. Monica since 2015. She has been dependable and eager to make numerous prayer squares for RCIA and the St. Monica Grief Support Group. It’s not knitting but her work that fills a need for those ministries. In addition to this, Ann sends personal thank you notes to St. Monica ministries that host RCIA dinners throughout the year. Ann is a kind and devoted volunteer to the community and the ministries she serves in.

Nominated by Margaret Schwab


Dr. Alex Schilpp, “Outstanding Volunteer”

Alex Schilpp first began visiting prisoners in the Army at Ft. Benning GA, as one of his duties as an infantry officer. After Vietnam, he continued at Loyola, N.O. and during grad school went with some Jesuits to visit prisoners in the Jefferson parish jail. During Alex’ clinical counseling internship at the U. of Chicago, he visited them again. Here in Dallas Alex heard a powerful sermon about visiting the sick, dying and said basically;" if you are serious about following Christ, if you love his Mother, than do one of the above on a regular basis". Alex was referred to Larry Lucido, our St. Monica deacon, and joined the Diocesan prison group. Father Biershank extended his ministry involvement in making him a Lector and Eucharistic Minister. Along with Paul Tomaso and Alfredo Silva, they are faithful members serving on Saturday morning for liturgical services, and Wednesday nights with bible studies with as many as 75 prisoners in three 50 minute classes.

Nominated by Paul Tomaso and St. Monica Prison Ministry


Humberto Perez, “Outstanding Volunteer”

The members of the St Vincent de Paul Society Conference, at St Monica, are pleased to nominate Humberto Perez, as volunteer of the year. He has been a parishioner of St. Monica for 21 years, since 1998. Humberto has been a dedicated volunteer for St. Vincent de Paul for thirteen years. He demonstrates remarkable patience and compassion when visiting with the people who need assistance. His proficiency in Spanish makes him a most valuable worker, particularly, when he is in charge of our telephone help line. Also, he is committed and involved in doing weekly "Bread Runs", going to the suburbs collecting donated baked goods from grocery store, and delivering them to charitable organizations.

Humberto is a great asset to our team. We greatly appreciate his services in our mission.


Pat Chebino, “Outstanding Volunteer”

Pat Chebino is nominated as the 2019 Stephen Ministry volunteer of the year! She has been a parishioner of St. Monica for 28 years, since 1991. Pat always comes to Supervision when she is in town and is very helpful to the other Stephen Ministers that have Care Receivers. Her dedication to her own Care Receivers is an example for others to follow. In addition to serving as a Stephen Minister, Pat frequently serves as a volunteer for Helping Hands.

Nominated by Jim Einspanier