Mary Louise Ludt, Outstanding Volunteer”

Mary Louise joined the St. Monica Parish in 2008 and has been Eucharist Minister for 5 years, member of and secretary Legion of Mary, past president (regent) of Catholic Daughters of the Americas Court St. Faustina and still an active member. Currently the Spirituality Chair and prayer chain coordinator for CDA.

With all her ministry commitments, Mary Louise has done the following in her private life: mentored 200+ college students through their college careers, and ministered to students and their families. They are all from impoverished Hispanic area of Dallas. In addition to this, she is currently volunteer and school liaison at two DISD schools, one that has a 50% or better homeless population, and the other has a 100% low income Hispanic student body.

In her spare time, Mary Louise enjoys spending time with her two grandsons, two daughters and their husbands, lunch with friends, visiting the elderly and homebound, and traveling. Catholic Daughters nominates Mary Louise for her boundless commitments to serve our St. Monica parish!

Nominated by Linda Robertson

Grief Group Support Ministry

Jim Einspanier, “Outstanding Volunteer”

Jim Einspanier has been a St. Monica parishioner since 2008, and is nominated for his faithful commitment and dedication as a facilitator for the Grief Group Support Ministry. Jim has been involved from the inception of this program in 2015, always willing and open to all recommended training. He possesses important skills in this role: compassion and patience in guiding participants dealing with their grief from the loss of a loved one. He has gone above and beyond on numerous occasions, offering to pick up or take home, care receivers that have suddenly found themselves without transportation to attend a weekly session. 

Jim has alternated, serving as lead facilitator, co-facilitator and or substitute facilitator. And he has been instrumental in sharing his experience and helping to train newer facilitators, as the ministry continues to grow. In addition to his role with the Grief Ministry, Jim serves as a ministry leader for Stephen Ministry, is a member of the Knights of Columbus, a Eucharistic Minister, and helps monthly with the Austin Street Center, bringing prepared foods and taking the trip to the center, to help serve the needy.

Nominated by Maria Juarez-Plank

Nominated by Maria Juarez-Plank


Leonard Robertson, “Outstanding Volunteer”

The Knights of Columbus Council 5656 at St. Monica proudly nominates Leonard Robertson as our 2018 exemplary volunteer. Leonard has been a very active member of the Knights for 7 years. He currently serves as the Financial Secretary and works tirelessly to manage the finances and membership of the council. Fans of our breakfast burritos should know that Leonard shows up at the Family Center kitchen every month at 5:00 am to lead the team that cooks the sausage and eggs. He is also involved in most all of the other activities in the council.

Leonard and his lovely wife Linda are faithful members of Little Rock Scripture Study and both serve as lectors. Leonard was the director of the 2017 Men's ACTS Retreat at St. Monica and serves on the ACTS Core Team here. He has served in youth ministry for many years. Most importantly, he is a regular attendee at 6:45am mass at St. Monica Church.

The number of people and organizations served by Leonard's generosity and giving of himself is too long to list here. Thank you, Leonard, for being the KofC 2018 Exemplary Volunteer.

Nominated by Michael Burns


 Jim Goethals “Outstanding Volunteer”

What makes Jim an outstanding volunteer is his passion for Christ and desire to serve. When he joined the Legion of Mary, Jim began ministering to the elderly and homebound in nursing homes and in their private homes.  As legionnaires we are required to keep record of our volunteer hours. I am in awe of the number of hours Jim spends in the adoration chapel and in ministry throughout the week. Jim, along with another legionnaire, has taken responsibility for the 8 o’clock daily mass to ensure there is always someone there to lector and assist the celebrant, often serving in one or both capacities.  He also assists in scheduling volunteers to lead the rosary before Mass and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy after Mass.  His dedication and sense of commitment make him an invaluable legionnaire, some we can always rely on.

Jim is fun and funny. He has a great sense of humor and a wonderful dry wit that makes him a joy to be around. In addition to serving in the Legion of Mary, Jim is also a member of Pro-life ministry, Holy Face Congregation and Knights of Columbus. Other ministries in the Dallas community are Serra Club of Dallas, Secular Franciscan Order (St. Francis fraternity which meets at St. Monica), and Rotary Club of North Dallas (service club).

Nominated by Legion of Mary


 Jeraldine Becan “Outstanding Volunteer”

Both of Jerrie’s parents were born in the Czech Republic. As a result of her proud heritage, Ms. Becan introduced her traditions to the diverse ethnic groups that the Ministry has been able to bring together. In addition, she shares her baking skills and good tasting pastries, honors her father's memory through Apricot Tea Rings and of course her Kolaches, which she also donates to the Ministry. 

Her husband passed away in September 2013, just shy of their 60th wedding anniversary. With her love for dance, she introduced the Chicken dance which was a memorable experience for members of the Ministry. She and her family could be seen at many polka dances in SPJST halls throughout Texas. Her exemplary services and contributions are to be emulated because of the blessings and value she has brought to the Ministry.

Nominated by Juliette Akagu


 Antonia Akahara “Outstanding Volunteer”

Our nominee, Mrs. Antonia Akweke Oparanozie Akahara, is a Nigerian born in Umuakali, Naze, Imo State, Nigeria. She has many years of practical experience in teaching and working with children and teachers both in Nigeria and The United States.

She's a devout catholic, a lady in the Knight of St. Molumba in Nigeria and a member of the Daughter of America. Furthermore, she's been an inspiration to the women by helping other women in various programs such as helping women in the shelter. Also, women educational empowerment through her contribution of various books she has written. Also, she's a board member of the Nigerian Catholic Women Organization. Antonia’s immense contributions and leadership have been a tremendous value towards empowering women in the organization.

Nominated by Juliette Akagu


 Gene Flusche “Outstanding Volunteer”

The St. Monica Pro-Life Ministry would like to nominate Gene Flusche. Gene will help with any event, while generating poster boards for market the events. Gene provides guidance and ideas to increase our ministry awareness. Gene generously financially donates to our ministry events so that others may attend if he can not attend.

Nominated by Josefina Torres