Third Sunday of Lent

Posted by Elemer Herrera on

This last Sunday, March 4th, I was able to join my brothers and sisters who are going through the RCIA program here at St. Monica. I get so much joy from interacting with them deepening my faith as we break open the word. Their readings were a bit different for today since John 4:1-42 is read in order to begin the scrutiny period of their formation. Here, we focus in introspection in order to reveal our sinfulness and allow God’s mercy and healing to begin. One aspect that attracted me about the reading was a simple action by the Samaritan woman: she left the jar of water behind. She left the whole reason why she went to the well and returned to be a witness to Christ. She had a new zeal, a new purpose. Most of us heard the Gospel of Jesus at the temple flipping the money-changer’s tables and releasing the animals because they had taken over his Father’s house. An important detail is revealed in his anger and the disciples’ response when Jesus says to those invading his Father’s house:

"Take these out of here,

and stop making my Father's house a marketplace."

His disciples recalled the words of Scripture,

Zeal for your house will consume me."

Let us pray that this zeal may flow into our daily life. With this zeal we can find comfort in our daily routine knowing that there is a place we must protect from all of the dangers of this world and our society: our souls, the temple of the Holy Spirit. We must also enter within our temple and replace it with true worship in spirit and in truth. This cleansing, proper to the season of Lent, can strengthen us in our journey towards holiness and inspire us to, like the woman at the well, be key witnesses to God’s mercy in this world.

This week's goal: Go to confession.

Picture: I love crab! I hope all of you are doing well on Fridays. This is a painting I made to celebrate CRABFEST at the seminary!

Thank you all for joining me in this journey, we are half way there!