Second Sunday of Lent

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On this Second Sunday of Lent we are reminded of Christ’s role and the will of the Father. Whereas, we have Abraham’s obedience shine in our first reading, the Obedient Son shines (literally) and is transfigured in our Gospel. Jesus Christ is obedience Himself, as he partakes in his mission to redeem the world.

Like the apostles who are invited to go up the mountain with Christ, we are also invited to see the transformation of bread and wine, into Christ’s body, blood, soul, and divinity. We must pray for the grace to be unveiled and truly see the miracle happening before us.

Like Peter, I would love to be filled with the same ‘awe’ that pushed him into a mode of action: “Let us make three tents.” But we must remember that the faith is not meant to be held in a tent, it is to be proclaimed. Here is where our heavenly Father corrects us by saying: “This is my beloved Son, listen to Him.” The beloved Son, sends us to baptize and preach the good news.

Pray with me: Lord, open my eyes so that I may see the Glory of your beloved Son, and allow me to listen to Him, who knows and does your will.

Something to think about: One of the interesting things about the scene is the inner circle of friends, namely Peter, the one who would be in charge; John, the beloved disciple, and James, one of the first to be called (Mark 1:16-20). They are invited to see the Divine form of Christ thus they saw the Word made Flesh in his Human, Divine and Resurrected form, What a gift!

Glimpse: We got a glimpse of Jesus, now I share a glimpse to seminary Life. My hobby is to paint. Thus, here are some pictures of my work area at the seminary.