Palm Sunday

Posted by Elemer Herrera on

This Sunday we have celebrated Christ entering Jerusalem in preparation for the Paschal mystery we are about to receive. His Passion, Death and Resurrection are approaching, but we are still in preparation. This is the time to practice fasting, prayer and thanksgiving as we prepare to receive our Resurrected Lord next Sunday. We carry the palms—which signify victory—and welcome our Lord riding on a colt—which signifies his arrival in peace—as we chant Hosanna! We are therefore calling on the help of our king, and he responds by giving us his life and an example of true service. But to see His sacrifice we must remain focused.

In preparation for this great event, I have pruned away some things that were holding me back. For example, I deleted all game apps from my phone, and tablets. In addition, I have put my prayer apps in a place of importance on my home screen as a reminder that it is not about cutting-off for the sake of shrinking, but for the sake of growing. I invite those who are ready to make a commitment this Easter, to start offering now all that is holding you back from focusing in God’s gift to us: NEW LIFE, and Life Eternal.

In this journey I have also tried to take up projects at St. Monica to help beautify and get us in celebration mode! Here are some pictures of what I’ve been working on. I will post more after Easter. I want to thank the kids and teachers at St. Monica for their support and I hope this project can show them the importance of commitment and service which will yield a beautiful experience for all the children who approach our Children’s Garden. It is a great opportunity for parents to teach their children about God’s creation.

Fun Facts to Remember:

  1. Don’t treat the Palms as trash or discard them. They have been blessed at Mass and therefore we need to dispose of them appropriately.
  2. We burn the palms to make Ashes for Ash Wednesday.
  3. Some may put the palms in different places at their house to keep evil spirits away, please don’t fall for superstitions. We make them into a cross and place them on our doors (or above doors) to signify that we welcome Christ.