If you have been asked or are interested in serving as a RCIA Sponsor, complete the registration form below.

An RCIA sponsor is an active Catholic willing to be a companion for someone who is going through the RCIA process. The Sponsor should be someone who will be present as much as possible for the RCIA sessions, sacred rituals, and the Easter Vigil.

To be permitted to take on the function of sponsor a person must:

  • Be designated by the one to be baptized, by the parents or the person who takes their place, or in their absence by the pastor or minister, and have the aptitude and intention of fulfilling this function.
  • Have completed the sixteenth year of age, unless the diocesan bishop has established another age, or the pastor or minister has granted an exception for a just cause.
  • Be a Catholic who has been confirmed and has already received the most holy sacrament of the Eucharist and who leads a life of faith in keeping with the function to be taken on.
  • Not be bound by any canonical penalty legitimately imposed or declared. Not be the father or mother of the one to be baptized.

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