Wedding Ceremony

It’s important to remember that your wedding is taking place in a religious setting. If the bride and groom are both Catholic,the wedding is usually celebrated with a Nuptial Mass. If a bride or groom is baptized non-Catholic, the wedding may be celebrated with a Mass or without a Mass, as you determine. Only the Catholic partner will receive Holy Communion. If a bride or groom is not baptized, the wedding is celebrated without a Mass.


Scripture Readings

To assist you in planning the wedding ceremony, you can select your readings by downloading a document with readings. Inform the Marriage Ministry Coordinator of the readings you’ve chosen one week prior to wedding date.


Our organist, will help you with music selections for your ceremony. The music selected must be suitable for the religious nature of your wedding. Music should be chosen four weeks prior to the celebration. To set a music consultation meeting, contact

Decorating the Church

Only live flowers can be used. Petals are not allowed during or after the ceremony. During the Christmas or Easter season, the arrangements that are already present in the church may not be moved/rearranged. Pew bows can be used, but they must be attached without tape. Ribbons or snail clips are permitted. Aisle cloths and archways are not allowed. Flower arrangements may not be taller than 4 feet. Columns are not allowed. Please contact the Marriage Ministry Coordinator with additional questions regarding decorations.


Flash photography is permitted as the couple enters and leaves the churhch, but it isn’t permissable once the couple arrive at the altar. No spotlights may be used during the wedding. No one can enter the Altar area during the ceremony. Photographers/Videographers are to be discrete when moving around during the ceremony. After the wedding, group pictures can be taken at the Altar.