St. Monica prepares engaged couples for the Sacrament of Marriage by providing them with opportunities to evaluate and deepen their readiness to live a married life with Christ as the foundation of their marriage.

Preparation involves three programs:

FOCCUS and Sponsor Couple Program

As engaged couples prepare for the Sacrament of Marriage, they are assigned a sponsor couple and they complete the FOCCUS (Facilitate Open Caring Communication, Understanding, and Study) pre-marriage inventory. The FOCCUS inventory is a research-based assessment that considers topics pertaining to family issues, money, sexuality, role expectations, parenting and other areas. Based on the evaluation, the sponsor couple helps facilitate discussion on issues that need attention, affirmation, or problem-solving. To schedule a FOCCUS, call the Marriage Ministry Coordinator, Martha Gonzalez, at 214-366-7164.

Engagement Workshop

St. Monica offers a workshop that covers the following topics: Faith in Marriage, Finances, and Budgeting, Theology of the Body, and Interpersonal Communication. The workshop is offered four times a year 8:30 am to 5 pm - couples are required to attend one prior to their marriage ceremony. Upcoming workshops include:

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Future Workshop Dates:

       April 17
      June 26
      September 11
      November 13

Introduction to Natural Family Planning

St. Monica offers information sessions on how to use the Creighton Model Fertility Care System (CrMS). Optional training courses are also available.

Creighton Model of Fertility Care System is:

  • 96.8% effective in avoiding pregnancy
  • 40-80% effective in achieving pregnancy
  • 95% effective for treating premenstrual syndrome and postpartum depression
  • Divorce rates among couples who use natural family planning are less than 2%

For more information on the Creighton Model of Fertility Care System visit

NFP Class Dates:
Currently, classes will be offered online only


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 Additional Resources

  • For Your Marriage - a website initiative of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. The website provides a variety of resources for newly married and long-time married couples.