St. Monica Church has the following councils:

  • Faith Formation Advisory Board
  • Pastoral Council
  • Parish Finance Council
  • Stewardship & Development Advisory Council
  • St. Monica School Board

Faith Formation Advisory Council

The role of the Faith Formation Advisory Council (OFFAC) is to help assemble and coordinate a vibrant faith formation community that works together in pursuit of increased knowledge of the faith and a deeper love of God and each other.

The Council is focused on helping connect the many resources, talents, and educational efforts of our community by coordinating crossover activities and events that get separate groups together for interaction and learning.

To accomplish these goals the Council facilitates increased communication with the help of St. Monica Staff, St. Monica School, the Office of Faith Formation, the Office of Hispanic Faith Formation, Parish Ministries, and the other Advisory Councils.

Since being formed in October 2008, the Council has focused on identifying crossover opportunities within the many faith formation activities in the parish. The Council coordinated its first program, “A Month With The Mass, The Lenten Study of the Centerpiece of Catholic Worship”, in the spring of 2009.

The Council meets monthly with the Pastor and welcomes your suggestions and support. To contact the council you may email them at: .

Members are as follows:

  • Mariangela Byrne
  • Judy Meyer
  • Margie Giangiulio
  • Maria Rocha
  • Kris Vetter
  • Sally Smith
  • Stephanie Nelson
  • Celina Abeyta-Berry
  • Sherry Flores
  • Fr. Alan MacDonald

Pastoral Council

The role of the Pastoral Council is to serve as a consultative body for various matters under consideration by the Pastor.    It also acts as an information conduit between the Pastor and the parish, including St. Monica School.  

At Father Guadagnoli’s request the Council most recently has been focused on developing a pastoral strategic plan for St. Monica Parish following the essential elements of parish life:  Evangelization, Worship, Word, Community, Service, Stewardship, and Leadership.    A parish survey was conducted in June 2018 and shared with the parish in September 2018.   The pastoral strategic plan will be rolled out to the parish beginning in May 2019.  

You can contact the Parish Pastoral Council at: 

If you wish to be considered to a 3-year term board position, please complete the online application.

Members are as follows:

  • Tony Cardillo
  • Willy Leon
  • Robbi Luxbacher
  • David McCain
  • Elizabeth Nava (through June 2019)
  • Joe Nava (through June 2019)
  • John Roppolo
  • Michelle Smithson (through June 2019)
  • Polly Weidenkopf

St. Monica School Board

Information about the Board and its members can be found on the school website.