Safe Environment Online Training Update 8/13/2020

  1. Click Here to access the database 
  2. If you cannot find your record DO NOT create a new one. Email misty for help,
  3. The class will take at least 1.5 hours to complete, some people are taking up to 2 hours
  4. If your record states that you are currently compliant you still have to take the class, 
    1. click on View all Online Courses and you will see the class (see picture below)
    2. Remember that all badges expire at the end of August regardless of when you took training, you must complete the new training to get a new badge
  5. If you watch the video with someone you will only be able to take the quiz under one person’s record. The other person will need to log in to their record to take the quiz. There is a checkbox under the video playing area that you will check to take the quiz. (see the second picture below)
  6. Once you have completed the quiz you will send Misty Gilmore an email at with the name of your ministry or if you are school parent. This will prompt the printing of your badge. You can pick up your badge at the church office or if you would like it mailed to your home you can include that in your email.